Who Came To The Workshop?

Who Came?

Akaterina Bagiati, Purdue

Nancy Barbour, Kent State

Monica Cardella, Purdue

Carol Bersani, Kent State

Molly Bolger, Vanderbilt

Sean Brophy, Purdue

Odesma Dalrymple, Purdue

James Elicker, Purdue

Demetra Evangelou, Purdue

William Graziano, Purdue

Lilian Katz, Uninversity of Illinois

Mary McMullen, Indiana University

Jean Mendoza, University of Illinois

Ida Ngambeki, Purdue

Joel Schneider, Illinois State University

Jean Simpson, Head Start, US Government

Michele Tomarelli, Purdue

Ted Wachs, Purdue

++Who Wanted to Come But Couldn't

Merina Bers

Rebecca News

German Posada, Purdue University

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